From my own decision I appeared on the poster of Kenji Miyazawa’s “The Restaurant of Many Orders”… Ihatov is a place name. By force, if Ru wanted to point out that in the same world as the Mirror Republic, that had been plowed by Klaus up and down, where the girl Alice was traced, you will be considered to go to the distant north-eastern desert of Tepantaru, further east of the Kingdom of Ivun.
This is indeed the author’s mind plasma.
How far I wonder to make a mould to surpass the bones of this animal from me, the hairdresser of Earth?
I wonder if it is possible to express the anonymity of a Dharma, or the colour of the fragile paper balloon?
The answer is ‘Oui’, it is also ‘Non’. From the fact that turning a page of a book is nice, why not start first? Please go on a journey to hear a little voice rest the mind over the pages one by one having a charming knee.
Mirror (looking-glass) Republic, you are not accessible only by moving away in one place. (Heart mark) Dedicated to our hair-dressers that are not logical.
On the things that are said to be the hair-style depression, you can possess an important role that can be expressed through different personalities in various colours and shapes and and textures, and why not?
For example, you can play as an icon of fashion and mode, as a symbol of gender and of occupation.

But please think and see. Without human hair being trimmed it will extend the length down to the lower back in a few yew years. It is very unique that the fact that an animal’s long and rich hair will grow from the head and these thoughts give me a very rough life and vice-versa. And, I am a dead cell, which has led to body hair being alive. But with a full view of life, live is a non-resident of the area overlapping the body and the outside world.

Taboos in existence with intermediate organics and non-organics in this world of death and life and death.
This lodges also magical and spiritual power, even mystical powers. It seems also to have come from older people in opposition, or maybe not. We will express the fact that the courage to have courage to show things that you can do deeply moved by such affairs, of hair-styles, to create a catalogue of hair with fashionable charm.

Nobuo Hayakawa
trasration: Stephen Standen


宮沢賢治の“注文の多い料理店”の広告ビラに掲載された自作宣言より…。 イーハトーヴは一つの地名である。強いて、その地点を求むるならば、大小クラウスたちの耕していた、野原や、少女アリスが辿った鏡の国と同じ世界の中、テパーンタール砂漠の遥かな北東、イヴン王国の遠い東と考えられる。実にこれは筆者の心漿『遠ざかることによってしか近づけない』場所にいる鏡の国の論理を身につけていない全てのヘア・ドレッサー達へ捧ぐ♥